FPS Active Noise Control (ANC)

It is the two minutes demo about FPS Active Noise Control (ANC).  Video contents are Japanese, but it is self explanatory for those who don’t understand Japanese.
The theory behind the ANC (Active Noise Control) system is to add a completely opposite sound wave to counteract the original sound wave. This secondary sound waves will then cancel the original sound.

ANC works well for the simple noise such as the noise from construction sites, manufacture facilities, transformers and air conditioner condensers.

We have succeeded noise control only in outdoors.
We couldn’t make ANC to work in indoors because there are too much bouncing sounds.

FPS does not sell the ANC system alone.  FPS Japan has been installing the entire ANC system in the past and each system was custom build and adjusted on site.

If you want to use ANC technology and you are in the countries other than Japan, we suggest you to develop your own ANC system.  We are more than happy to provide you the FPS transducers to be used in your system. It is vital to use quick response speakers to cancel the noise. FPS transducers are 10 times faster and travels far distance compare to conventional cone speakers.

The challenge is to develop the signal generator which produces 180 degree opposite wave than the noise source.  It is necessary to find a manufacture who can build custom circuit boards for you.

It is the 24 minutes TV show about FPS challenges to noise from construction machine. Video contents are Japanese.

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