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Multi Cell Micro-transducer Array (MCMA)

High Quality Sound, Thin and Flat Speakers

What is mcma?

MCMA stands for Multi Cell Micro-transducer Array based on planar ribbon technology.  MCMA consists of multi planar magnets and micro-cells imprinted on a diaphragm. FPS manufactures a variety transducers from tweeters to large format multi-cell ribbon using MCMA.  FPS also holds the patent and the register trademark of MCMA.


MCMA produces sound quickly and truthfully to the sound signal because there is no heavy reactive component.

MCMA produces a true plane wave which travels further with less distortion compare to ordinary spherical wave produced by cone speakers.

Its quick response and less distortion make MCMA transducers much less susceptible to acoustic feedback.

MCMA sound is highly intelligible even at places with loud background noise.

MCMA sound is easy to human ears. You can listen to any form of audio with much less ear fatigue compare to ordinary distorted audio.

MCMA transducers are weather proof and durable.  The diaphragms are made of a liquid crystal polymer which is waterproof, chemically stable, temperature stable and fire resistant.

MCMA transducers are suitable for railroad station speakers. FPS manufactures a variety  of railroad station speakers using MCMA transducers - No.1 preferred speaker among railroad companies in Japan.

Other Features

  • Rich and clear sound
  • Superb phase response
  • Excellent dynamic range
  • Wide frequency range
  • Louder at distances vs cone speakers
  • Wide horizontal dispersion
  • Low vertical dispersion
  • Small & thin
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber, edgeless or free-edge surrounds
  • Easily replaceable
  • Self cooling
  • Flat Impedance
  • Flat resistance
  • Easy crossover design
  • Easy to play
  • Expandable by adding more MCMA transducers in line array layouts
  • Mates well with other types of planar transducers
  • Great Value
  • 95% recyclable


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